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6 Essential Kitchen Designing Tips That You Will Absolutely Love

6 Essential Kitchen Designing Tips That You Will Absolutely Love
6 essential kitchen designing tips that you will absolutely love

Are you planning a kitchen renovation project? First, read these six tips to learn how to create a kitchen that you enjoy cooking and spending time in.

Designing your dream kitchen is an exciting task. The difficult thing about kitchen equipment, however, is that it is more than meets the eye. In addition to the selection of colors and furniture that create a pleasant atmosphere in the room, it is just as important to optimally design the flow of space, the position of the devices and the work surfaces so that your room is also functional.

So how should you approach the “look” of your new kitchen when planning a kitchen renovation? Here are six essential tips to help you create a kitchen that you and your family will absolutely love!

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1. Design exactly the right kitchen triangle

Ever heard of the kitchen triangle? If not, it’s time to find out more.

The kitchen triangle essentially consists of the sink, the stove and the refrigerator in the kitchen. Interior designers call this area that because it is the space where most of the activity takes place. Therefore, when planning your kitchen, you should definitely consider your own kitchen triangle if you want to make life easier for yourself in the future.

You use the sink for a variety of tasks, such as washing dishes or vegetables. Then use the refrigerator to get food out or in. Finally, you use the stove to cook the prepared meal. It only makes sense to make sure that there is no obstacle in this area that would make it difficult for you to access the sink, stove and refrigerator.

In addition, the size of this area also plays a role. Remember that food preparation will be a tiresome task for you if it is too big. However, if it’s too small, you and your family members will constantly trip over each other. So make sure you get it right.

2. Choose the right color for your kitchen cabinets

Why settle for the simple, predictable white kitchen when there are so many other cool options?

As the experts at KitchenWarehouseUK Ltd explain, “Kitchens are no longer spaces to ignore in your interior design plans. Nowadays, they are the space where friends and families meet to spend time together. So the atmosphere in the kitchen is important. It’s no longer just about functionality. ”

Now, like you would for your bedroom or living room, base your choice of colors on your kitchen cabinet on how the kitchen feels. Maybe you are a fan of a certain color or you like dramatic rooms with a dark atmosphere. Or maybe you are a fan of luxurious spaces. Whatever design feature you like, you don’t have to keep it off the kitchen.

When choosing kitchen cabinets, there is now also plenty of room to play with textures to make the space more attractive. For example, you can play with wood or stone structures. In addition, you can make your kitchen cabinet the focal point of the room in a bold color.

3. Receive multilayer lighting

The kitchen is not the place where poor lighting does not matter. And when it comes to the kitchen, it’s not just about the design and mood in the room. It’s also a matter of functionality.

Think about it: the kitchen is the room in which you complete various tasks, including sharp objects like knives and other kitchen utensils. Hence, good lighting is essential to make sure you don’t injure yourself. In addition, proper lighting is also a great way to show off your design details.

A great way to keep the cozy feel of the kitchen, especially if you dine there too, but also have enough light to do our chores, is to use layered lighting.

Kitchens generally require three types of lighting: general lighting, work lighting, and accent lighting. To get the lighting right in your kitchen, determine the work areas you have there and consider adding work lighting over them. Use accent lighting to showcase the design elements that you are most proud of.

4. Get the right kind of kitchen storage

Storage can either make you really happy with your kitchen or frustrate you.

Think about it: kitchens contain a lot of things, from pots to cutlery, kitchen utensils, cans and so on. So one of the biggest design mistakes you can make when renovating your kitchen is not allowing for enough storage space. Sure, you can dream of a clean and minimalist kitchen. But is that even possible with so many things that you need here? Wouldn’t you also be frustrated if, for example, you had to travel to your basement or other rooms to get what you need to cook? We suspect probably yes.

So remember to install enough cabinets to have enough storage space.

Pro tip: always install cabinets above the refrigerator as not using this area is a huge waste of storage.

5. Make it fit for socializing

They say the kitchen is the heart of the house. And one reason for this is because it’s the room where families and friends usually meet to have a good time together. So go the extra mile in your design plans to make your kitchen suitable for socializing, rather than just cooking and preparing meals. Here are some ideas for making your kitchen sociable:

  • Imagine a kitchen island and some seating.
  • Select comfortable kitchen furniture so that guests are encouraged to linger.
  • Create an open kitchen that communicates with other rooms such as the dining room or living room.

You will be amazed how much these small elements can make your kitchen the perfect meeting place and what influence they have on the quality of your time together with friends and family.

6. Add a personal note

When designing their kitchens, or really any room in their homes, homeowners tend to make one mistake: focusing more on resale value than their personal style. Obviously, this mistake leads to living or cooking in a room that just doesn’t feel like home. And it is often not practical at all.

So don’t hesitate to add a personal touch to the room as well, whether it’s displaying family photos, hanging a painting on the wall, or even adding a design detail that you personally like.

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