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Top tips for setting up a home bar

Top tips for setting up a home bar
top tips for setting up a home bar

Not everyone can set up a house bar. Setting up a real British wooden home bar is not easy, and it requires attention to detail, equipment and the right mixing of drinks to get it right. This has become an even more important factor in the last few years, especially if you have friends on different days of the week.

It is acceptable to go on dates and “hang out” with a man, but sometimes it is more convenient to have a wooden drinks bar. Even when you’ve figured things out, there isn’t much of a problem. To do this, your wooden home bar cabinet will be neatly positioned if you follow the guidelines below.


Create the ideal space

The key to turning your beautiful but unused hardwood floor into a working bar is to treat it like any other room in the house. It’s more than just stacking drinks and calling it an alcoholic drinks bar. After all, you don’t want your home to be full of bottles or jars. A clear zone allows easier access for add-ons. A nice, rustic wooden house bar with the right atmosphere is a show in itself.

Place the main attractions

The goal of a home bar cabinet is to have a variety of unique beverages, isn’t it? Keep an eye on things like scotch, tequila, gin, and vodka as they are especially vulnerable. Whiskey or bourbon are wonderful options for your wooden home bar as they are essential ingredients. You can even add ice to a cup of tea or water for extra coolness. You can also have other drinks on hand to brighten or spice things up, such as: B. Mineral water, cola, ginger ale, flat coke and other carbonated drinks.

Have the right glassware

There are many different types of glasses, each with their own characteristics. However, you should look for glasses that match the style of your wooden bar. You can also make it vintage by using old but stunning and durable wine glasses. While getting plenty of glasses, consider drinking dispensers at Drinkstuff. With all of your friends, now is the ideal time to start using this product! Again, avoid very thin glasses for your rustic wooden house bar cabinet; they could easily break. There are different glasses to match the different drinks that are served. Make an effort to have them on hand when setting up your home bar.

Has basic bar tools

Once you have the basic bar supplies, you can do a home version of drink mixing. A mixing glass, a shaker jar, a pint glass, a sieve, a potato peeler, a corkscrew and a bar spoon are required. Is that too much? Without them, the right wooden bar for the home will not be ready. You will love the drinks you can make and how amazing they taste. That’s because easy-to-use tools do half the work.

Ready to use

You will need a potato peeler, strainer, and slotted spoon to make a couple of toppings. A peeler is suitable for preparing lemons, limes and oranges, for example. They add another element to your drinks and are aesthetically pleasing. Make sure they stay fresh on your home wooden bar cabinet.

Spend a bit on ice

The nice thing about a rustic wooden bar from Best Bar None is that it looks great in any room, not just your home. For those who really want to drink like the pros, you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s also cheaper than an ice cream maker and much more convenient when you have guests.

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