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The perfect travel guide for your winter vacation

The perfect travel guide for your winter vacation
the perfect travel guide for your winter vacation

When the holidays come and the weather turns cold and gray, planning the perfect winter vacation is something you need to plan and plan effectively.

Of course, you can get away from the snow and cold for sunnier climates from Southern California to Florida, Hawaii and more. Or you can choose an exotic area like South America or the Gold Coast of Australia, to name a few.

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Plan your perfect short vacation

Before setting off on your perfect little vacation, there are a few basic things you need to plan and implement to give you the best possible stress-free vacation.

  • Itinerary to share for worst-case scenarios
  • Budget for your time and for your return
  • Do you know the weather and terrain
  • Pack accordingly
  • Have the car serviced


Planning your trip is part of the fun. Creating a shared itinerary that you give to family and loved ones is a great idea. At best, your family and friends will know what you are up to, and at worst, they will know where and how to reach you in any situation that requires it.


Budgeting your trip is the most obvious step, but all too often people don’t budget those days after their vacation and before the next paycheck comes up. Just because you took time off from work doesn’t mean your bills and other financial obligations have taken a break. Too often people fail to plan the financial contingencies that may arise upon their return and before the next payday.

know the weather and terrain

Regardless of the time of year, before heading out on a trip, knowing the terrain and weather is important in order to plan for safety and fun. And knowing the terrain and weather along the way is a good idea to avoid potential problems along the way. Plus, knowing the weather and the terrain will help you budget and pack.


People often overpack for travel and even then are not prepared for their activities and the type of clothing that will be most appropriate. A good recommendation is to make a plan of the planned activities before packing, unpacking, removing 10% of everything, and repacking your bags. When packing and repacking, you can prioritize the essentials for your trip and save space in your luggage for souvenirs and other important items that you can take home with you.

Have the car serviced

Regardless of the weather or time of year, it is a good idea to have your car serviced a few days before driving. You will want to do this a few days before you leave because in situations where your car is struggling, you have built-in security to fix the problem before you leave.

Just remember that if you plan to stay in colder climates, e.g. B. on a snowboard tour. This is because the extreme cold can cause problems with your vehicle, especially the battery.

At 32 degrees your battery can lose up to 35% of its strength, and this number drops dramatically as it gets colder outside. At 0 degrees, a typical car battery can lose up to 60% of its strength, which can cause serious problems for a car with an older battery.

If you plan to stay in a place where extreme cold can affect your car’s performance, it is recommended that you try to protect your battery’s performance by:

  • Obtain and install a battery cover to protect your battery life and performance. You can shop online or buy from most auto dealers for around $ 20.
  • If possible, park indoors to avoid extreme temperatures and wind.
  • Charge your battery before starting your car. You can get a car battery charger relatively cheaply, and the security of a fully charged battery is a breeze.

Whatever you want to do this winter season, creating a vacation schedule is almost as fun as the vacation itself.

For many, a winter vacation is a reason to escape the snow. For others, winter is their play area and they look forward to skiing, snowboarding and playing in the snow and cold. Whichever way you choose, realizing the perfect winter vacation requires the right planning.

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