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19 Jun, 2022

How much does a private jet from LA to Hong Kong cost?

Calculating a private jet price can be tricky for the untrained eye, because private flying is not for everyone anyway. If you decide that a…

8 Jun, 2022

Important questions to ask yourself when hiring a wedding planner

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the hectic tasks of your wedding? It's the right time to hire a perfect wedding planner to help you with…

8 Jun, 2022

Add value to your home with these affordable DIY projects

If you are considering selling your home, or if you think it is an important investment that you want to make the most of, you…

3 Jun, 2022

Do something different on a crewed catamaran charter in the British Virgin Islands

Imagine the Caribbean sun sparkling on clear still blue waters, catching the white sands far below and glistening on schools of colorful fish darting beneath…

3 Jun, 2022

How to use lemongrass

Lemongrass gives Thai curries their unique lemony, fresh taste. This woody, fragrant herb can also elevate a cocktail recipe a bit or make a simple…

1 Jun, 2022

Tips and information about tuberous begonia

Native to South America, the tuberous begonia is a perennial plant valued in pots, hanging plants, planters, and even in borders for the bright colors…

1 Jun, 2022

Who is liable for slip and fall accidents in the hotel?

Getaways are always a wonderful, relaxing time with less worries and fascinating things to do and see. However, if you injure yourself while staying at…

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