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5 style upgrades for your living room

5 style upgrades for your living room
5 style upgrades for your living room

Are you bored of your living room? Do style and color seem a bit flat and uninteresting? So why not give your living space a style upgrade? There is no need to change the entire room as a big change can give it the lift it needs. A new piece of furniture or a clever decoration trick can be enough to make you fall in love with your living room again.

So what single change will give your living room the greatest style upgrade? Here are five ideas that might inspire you.


Change your sofa

Your sofa is the place where you want to switch off and relax. It is often the largest piece of furniture in the living room. So a change can completely change the look of your room.

For ultra-modern styling, choose a curvy designer sofa or one in a bold primary color for the maximalist approach. For minimalist living rooms, try a mid-century sofa with turned wood legs and linen fabric. But don’t leave the sofa bare, add extra layers of throws and pillows to really make it stand out.

Paint the ceiling

Most of us have a white ceiling and we don’t think about it much. Whereby we often repaint the walls in all sorts of colors and wallpapers in a wide variety of patterns. So why not turn the style rules upside down and paint the ceiling instead?

Light walls and a dark ceiling can have an immediate effect. Go bold with black or dark blue for a really stunning look. If you don’t want it too dark, choose warm tones like terracotta or yellow. Or gold plating it for an ornate finish that really inspires.

Put up a large mural

If painting the ceiling is just too much, you can upgrade a wall with a whole new style. And a large mural is one way to do just that. Opt for an off-the-shelf design or create your own with the help of a specialist printing company.

Decorate your wall with elegant palm trees, mountain panoramas, city silhouettes or an abstract work of art. Rearrange your furniture so that your mural isn’t blocked by cabinets or seating. You really want the wall to be the focus.

Add a carpet to the floor

Replacing your carpet will instantly transform the space. Cozy interiors can be upgraded with a monochrome Berber carpet and nature-inspired living spaces with a woven jute or sisal flooring are trendy.

If you want to add a twist to your floor, choose something a little more unusual like a tufted pattern or different pile heights to add an extra layer of texture and style.

Install new lighting

Lighting is an important feature that makes a living room look modern and stylish. So rethinking your lighting fixtures is an easy and innovative way to transform your space.

Use wall lights to highlight your favorite works of art, table lamps to beautify corners, and oversized, eye-catching ceiling lights to add a new focus. Using multiple lights allows you to change the mood and ambience of the room by simply turning individual lights on and off.

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