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Everything you need to know about car rental in Dubai

Everything you need to know about car rental in Dubai
everything you need to know about car rental in dubai

A car rental in Dubai is more than a necessity, it brings enormous driving pleasure, because the traffic in the UAE and especially in Dubai is organized at the highest level. All of Dubai’s interesting sights are simply impossible to see without a car. And here the rental car comes to the rescue. In this case, you can safely travel around the country and get pleasant impressions both alone and with the whole family.

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Where to rent a car in Dubai

At the airport. At Dubai International Airport, renting is made easier by the fact that most rental car companies are located directly in the terminals. Not all terminals have the same rental desks, so you may have to walk between the terminals to collect your vehicle. Free shuttles also operate on the territory to take you to the offices of remote companies.

Local rental in town. You can find rental offices near hotels and other similar locations with high tourist traffic. The disadvantage of this method is the inability to compare the costs offered by multiple offices. In addition, your choices are limited to the vehicles in stock at the time of the call.

Remotely, through websites. You can find car rental companies on the Internet, contact them directly by phone or email. This allows you to set a specific place and time where you can conveniently pick up the car and fill out all the necessary documents. Such sites have the widest range of brands, types, and prices to suit all tastes – you can rent Tesla in Dubai, various sports cars, etc.

Car rental costs

The prices depend on many factors. The most important ones are the size of the rental company, the class of the car and its other characteristics (automatic or mechanic, gasoline or diesel, etc.), rental conditions, age and driving experience of the driver. Seasonal demand and even the direction and distance of your trip will also affect the rental price.

Mid-range rental cars start at $ 19 when rented for 1 day. The average daily check for a budget car is $ 41.

Price examples for rental cars per day in Dubai in 2021:

  • Mid-range – from $ 27
  • Compact – from $ 21
  • transitions – from $ 36
  • Minivans – from $ 200
  • Convertibles – from $ 168
  • Luxury – from $ 200

Features of renting in Dubai

Toll roads are common in the United Arab Emirates. There are also toll road sections in Dubai (called SALIK). Before the start of such sections, special terminals are installed on the highway that scan the number of cars passing under them. The invoice is issued automatically, all you have to do is drive under the arch and pay when you return the car to the transport company.

The cost of driving on such a road is 4 dirhams, but sometimes car rental companies charge 5 or even 6 dirhams for a trip under a frame. You will also have to pay around 30 dirhams to enter the airport or parking lot. In a week it is customary to collect tolls for 140 or 150 dirhams.

Tourists who want to save money on toll roads can tick “No toll roads” in the navigator so that the route is only laid on the free road.

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traffic rules, police and fines

The traffic rules in Dubai are similar to those in Europe. Here you drive on the right, the steering wheel in the car is on the left.

Particular attention should be paid to pedestrians in Dubai. To avoid a hefty fine and perhaps even imprisonment, they must always be let through wherever they want to cross the street.

You can exceed the speed limit by less than 20 km / h, but you must be fined at least $ 80 for driving at higher speeds. Therefore, pay close attention to the signs and road markings.

You don’t meet policemen on the highways, they only drive to the scene of the accident. However, in the United Arab Emirates there is actually a very wide network of automatic radar complexes literally 2 kilometers away. In the event of minor traffic violations, nobody will stop you, but the fine receipt must be paid to the landlord.

The main thing is to remember that alcohol is not allowed in any amount while driving, and smoking in the car is also forbidden.

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Petrol stations in Dubai and petrol prices

Refueling in the United Arab Emirates is very easy. Here you don’t even have to get out of the car, you can simply lower the glass and say how much and what to add.

The fuel prices are pleasantly pleasing – they are about 2.5 times slower than the world average as the UAE is an oil producing country. It should be noted that fuel prices in the UAE are calculated and set monthly based on international oil prices.

Fuel costs at Dubai filling stations in 2021:

  • Petrol special 95 – 2.12 AED
  • Gasoline Super 98 – AED 2.24
  • Diesel – 2.41 AED
  • Gas (LPG) – 1.43 AED

The most popular gas stations in Dubai are ADNOC and Emarat, but you can refuel a rental car with either as the quality is excellent everywhere.


In the hot United Arab Emirates, with excellent roads, convenient parking and strict compliance with road traffic regulations, everything is made for driving, which is why car rental in Dubai is so popular with tourists. Cheap gasoline and reasonable rental prices enable significant savings on excursions, which are quite expensive here. Excellent highways, luxurious roads and its long coastline make Dubai one of the most comfortable cities in the world to travel by car.

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